Got $10? Then You Can Come to the New Story Experience

We're so eager for you to be at the New Story Experience on Saturday, November 3 in Austin, Texas, that we want to make it as accessible and as easy as possible!

That's why today we're announcing a new $10 ticket option for the full, one-day event featuring keynote presentations and conversations with activist/author Brian McLaren, feminist Muslim rapper and ethicist Mona Haydar, the justice doula Micky ScottBey Jones, acclaimed performer and playwright Amparo Garcia-Crow, and festival founder/Irish peace activist Gareth Higgins.

You'll also experience breakout sessions that offer a taste of each of our festival program areas: Deepen, Act, Create, Perform, Think, Connect, and Play.

This is something we want you to share. So please forward this message to your friends and family in the Austin area and invite them to come to the New Story Experience for just $10! You can also invite them via the Facebook event. We hope to see you (and them) there.

Please note: We are committed to making the New Story Experience accessible to everyone, regardless of financial means -- that's why we're offering the $10 ticket price to anyone who needs it. There are other ticket prices, and everyone gets the same benefit in return -- when deciding the price you'll pay, we ask that you consider the resources you have available, the benefit you feel you'll receive from the event, and the significant costs it takes for us to host the event. (For instance, to cover the costs of the event, we need around 50 people to opt-in at Benefactor level 1, 50 at Benefactor Level 2, and 25 at Benefactor Level 3 -- thank you for all your support.)