5 Reasons to Come to the New Story Festival

We’re bringing a full weekend at the intersection of community, creativity, and the common good to Austin at the end of March, and we’re happy to announce that the New Story Festival Schedule is available now!

There’s more to come, but right now you can see over 70 sessions - talks, concerts, workshops, and creative happenings, running from Friday evening to Sunday night, March 29th-31st.

There will be lots of amazing things to listen to and think about - but you’re invited to be more than just an audience: the New Story Festival is a place for you to bring yourself, your friends, your team, and your community to imagine how you will take the vision back to your community. Don’t have a community yet? We’re ready to help you find one - come to the New Story Festival and it won’t be long before you connect with people you think, live, love, and care like you do.

There are lots of reasons to join us, but we’ve picked five particular ones, and we think you’ll agree with us.

Here’s five reasons we think you should Join Us:

  1. Hear wise and life-giving teachers like Brian McLaren, Rev angel Kyodo Williams, Charles Eisenstein, and Nadia Bolz-Weber, who will talk about her new provocative and healing book Shameless. After hearing Nadia you can gather with your community to discuss how to make brave spaces for healing the unnecessary shame most of us have experienced. Find a new self-image, transcend your wounds, and live better.

  2. Experience Authentic Relating Games - a brilliantly accessible way to take life seriously without taking ourselves too seriously, learn about how to transform your organization - whether its a church, a school, a business, an activist movement, or even a circle of friends through the revolutionary Holocracy leadership style, or the beauty of Circling, where anyone can find a mirror for their greatest hopes, and support for the most difficult challenges.

  3. Attend the Offers and Needs Market, where people who care about where they live will show what they can give, and the resources they need to make our towns, cities and countryside places of peace, renewal, and wholeness for everyone. It's a perfect way to start reimagining your hometown, wherever you live.

  4. Be enveloped by the magnificent soundscapes of the music of Over the Rhine, Carrie Rodriguez, and Riders Against the Storm; and then maybe write your own music - with new and old friends - poetry, prose, visual art are all welcome too.

  5. Finally, whether you’re dancing at the mainstage, taking notes in the Ideas session about how to make the economic system more humane or even sacred, lessons for the US from conflict resolution process elsewhere, or connecting across lines of political difference at a People’s Supper, the New Story Festival will be a unique opportunity to ask yourself how to change your life so that you use your gifts and power for the common good, and find a space where you can get the help you need. Find out more at the festival website, where the schedule has just been posted here.

These days, it’s easy to find stories of despair or what’s not possible. The New Story Festival exists because some of us - imperfect activists, artists, community members who want to make a difference, rather than just allow the world to happen “to” us - know that we need a better story. We need you there too. Join us - make the new story yours, take it back to your community, and your lives may never be the same again.

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