How the New Story Will Transform Your Faith Community

What if the problems we face could be overcome by changing the story we tell?

The current global crisis is a crisis of storytelling - it’s not the world that’s falling apart, but the story we’re telling about it. If we become inquisitive about our stories, asking how they serve a vision of the common good, whether they are true or helpful, we can change our underlying narratives and the world around us.  It really is that simple.

What if the painful past could be turned into energy that helps create a better future?

One reason we started the New Story Festival was to resource communities seeking a better world - especially faith communities! Our festival at the end of March is designed to do just that: (1) come as a group; (2) choose from over 80 different artists, activists and teachers the sessions that feel most relevant to your community’s current needs; and then, (3) be in conversation together about how to bring those ideas home with you.

What if we could gather as individuals and communities, and make a path beyond despair to empowered hope?

In one weekend we’ll help you connect with people who want a better world, ideas to inspire positive action, and a path forward for your community to become what you always dreamed.

What if we are invited not to say “now, more than ever”, but instead, “for such a time as this?” 

If you’re anxious about the world, you’re not alone - but a new story is being born. Join us for one weekend, find new friends, ideas that liberate, and a path to transform your life, your community, and your neighborhood.

Zoom out to the bigger picture

You can read the (almost complete) festival schedule online, but every week we’re introducing some highlights in this newsletter. This week consider our DEEPEN program, where contemplation meets the needs of the world, including:

There’ll also be a special area for HEALING ARTS, from spiritual directors to Reiki, massage, nutritional counseling, and even a birdsong meditation. Find out more here.