The New Story isn't Just for Spectators

Find your next step, 
at the New Story Festival

We say it so often that it’s become a New Story Festival mantra:  
The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better.  

Our friend Richard Rohr taught us, and it seems to be a universal law: because oppositional energy always recreates itself, we have to find ways to challenge what isn’t working by replacing it with what can.

And so our teachers, artists, musicians, workshop leaders, connectors and volunteers are all committed to embodying the heart of this idea. 

Don’t just blame; Change.

We want to apply that thinking to the festival too. What needs to change about festivals? 
Think about it for a moment - we go to festivals, we may hear brilliant ideas, participate in stimulating workshops, make meaningful connections, and then we just go home. No bridge is built to our everyday lives, and the festival magic can easily recede into memory. 
But the New Story Festival is attempting something different: we want the ideas and experience of creativity, community, and the common good not just to be enjoyable on the weekend, but to make a difference in our lives and in the world. It’s not a spectator sport - while you’ll get to hear brilliant ideas, music, and contemplation, the main thing is to take the ideas and the connections you’ll have made home with you.  
There’ll be lots of time and space to connect with people like you - who care about humanity, care for the earth, and want to live lives of courageous love, for the common good. If you’re part of a church or other spiritual community, if you work with a team seeking to make a better world, or even if you haven’t found your people yet, the New Story Festival could be the place you find your next step. And if you have ideas to make it better, we’re ready to listen too!