Watch the New Story at Austin City Council!

The New Story Festival isn’t just a fun weekend event - we aim to have a real and ongoing impact on our wider community. One of the ways we are doing this is by partnering with Compassionate Austin, a part of the Charter for Compassion global movement started by author and scholar Karen Armstrong nearly a decade ago. Compassionate Austin has adopted the New Story as its signature festival where they will be launching their Compassionate Austin Co-op, a new network of organizations and individuals across the area who commit to enacting the Austin city council’s 2016 resolution endorsing compassionate action on behalf of others, self, and the Earth. Festival co-founder, Mike Clawson, had the opportunity to speak before Austin’s City Council this past week to let them know about this exciting new initiative. You can watch the 3-minute video of his remarks below:

Mike Clawson presenting at the February 7 Austin City Council meeting to announce the Compassionate Austin Co-op and the New Story Festival.

The key activity of Compassionate Austin Co-op members is to participate in an Offers & Needs Market - a 90-minute guided process that combines community asset mapping with sharing economy principles to enable all participants do the work of compassion more collaboratively and effectively. The first Austin-area Offers & Needs Market (and the first Market ever done on a city-wide scale!) will be held on Sunday, March 31, at the New Story Festival! Any and all festival attendees are welcome to participate. Join the Co-op by filling out this form (or this one for organizations) and then get your festival tickets here!