Join us for a weekend like no other

We’re nearly there, folks! The New Story Festival is just over a week away, March 29th-31st. Join us in Austin, Texas together with speakers, teachers, and performers experienced in reflecting on the stories we tell, activists engaged in the courageous work of social transformation, spiritual leaders pointing the way to a rich inner life, artists and musicians on the leading edge of creativity in music, painting, writing, and more.


"I've never heard of, seen, or attended a festival like the New Story ever, in my many years of touring and playing. This is ground-breaking, something new, and something really hopeful. We could all use that, right?

- Carrie Rodriguez, Austin-based musician and New Story headline performer

Find out about all of this and more in our beautifully designed print program - now online to view or download. With descriptions of over 100 sessions spread over 9 simultaneous venues, you really have to see it to believe it! Find out what’s waiting for you at the New Story Festival - music, workshops, mind-expanding conversations, quiet reflection, a better world.

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Our tickets are available at different price levels - starting at only $49 for Day Passes and $99 for the entire weekend - but everyone gets the same thing in return. We ask only that you pay what you can afford. That’s right - look at the ticket options, and opt in at the level that works for you based on three simple questions: 1) the resources you have available, 2) your desire to support the launch of this beautiful but fragile endeavor, and 3) a sense of mutual respect and fair exchange. You are part of the New Story community - we need your support to thrive. 

Register now - Like Carrie Rodriguez said - you may never have been to a festival like this one before! Come let’s break some ground together.