Be a Program Partner with the New Story Festival!

(This page is for organizational partners. If you are a private individual that would like to submit program content for consideration, please click here instead.)

The New Story Festival is a container for your organization to fill.  

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Our festival program is being created through a partnership among numerous like-minded organizations – activists, non-profits, schools, faith communities, artist collectives, practitioners for spiritual health & wholeness, etc. Partner organizations are invited to submit proposals for program content to be curated by our Program Team.

Offer an experiential workshop, sponsor an artist, musician, or poet, lead us in a sacred ritual or spiritual practice, bring a speaker to stretch our minds and imaginations, host a conversation, tell the stories of your community, or just help us play, dance, and have fun… the possibilities are endless.

Program content should be between 30-90 minutes in length, though art installations or offers of services available throughout the weekend (e.g. spiritual direction or personal coaching, massage, reiki, etc.) are welcome too.

We have seven primary program areas:

Act  -  positive, proactive social action aimed at making the world a better place

Connect  -  practices and spaces for healthy relating and community connection

Create  -  visual and experiential arts: installations as well as workshops and creative spaces

Deepen  -  emotional health/wholeness, contemplative spirituality, and sacred practices

Perform  -  music, film, drama, poetry, storytelling: both performances and workshops

Play  - movement, dance, yoga, games, general frivolity

Think  -  big, transformative ideas: philosophy, theology, science, history, etc.

Presenters may be representatives of your organization or outside speakers/performers. To ensure fair exchange for content producers, we ask that your organization cover expenses for whatever you bring (e.g. honorariums, travel costs, materials). Multiple program submissions are welcome and encouraged. Proposals will be curated and approved by our Program Team.

Deadline for submissions is September 30, 2018.

Partner Benefits

In return for the content you bring, we offer the following benefits:

Marketing/Promotional Opportunities
We want to amplify the good work you are already doing, both through the program content you bring and through numerous marketing opportunities before, during, and after the festival. The New Story Festival is an opportunity to promote your work to a targeted, engaged audience with an intrinsic interest in your mission.

Possibilities include:

  • An exhibitor table or booth

  • Your logo and link on our website

  • Promotions via festival email/social media

  • Ads in our souvenir program

  • Distributing your brochure/swag to attendees

  • Vendor booth/table at the festival and/or your items for sale in our on-site bookstore

  • Your banner on a festival stage

  • Additional free festival passes

  • An exclusive tent for your programming

  • Other ideas useful to your org. Please contact us with any specific requests.

Promotional opportunities will be scaled to the amount and nature of the program content your organization provides. A festival Program Team liaison will be happy to figure out the details with you.

Free Festival Passes

ALL content presenters (speakers, artists, etc.) receive a free festival pass ($249 value). Partner organizations sponsoring these presenters also receive one or more additional passes depending on the amount of program content provided.

Free housing for content presenters may also be available if needed. Inquire with your Program Team liaison.


A Share in Festival Ticket Sales

We ask all of our partners to enthusiastically and repeatedly promote the festival through your own primary communication channels and social media. You don’t have to do any of the work - we will happily provide you with pre-made email/social media content to share with your audiences. (Though feel free to come up with your own as well!)

ALL of our partner organizations AND the content presenters they bring will be given unique affiliate promoter links that offer a $20 discount to your followers and earn $40 for every ticket sold. Get 10 people to attend and make $400. Get 100 to attend and make $4000! This is money you can put towards your festival content or simply keep for your own ongoing work.

Will you join us in co-creating the New Story Festival?

Contact us about becoming a Program Partner by emailing

If you are already a Program Partner, click here to submit your organization’s program proposals for consideration. Please fill out one form per proposal. Our Program Team will review the proposals and get back as soon as possible to let you know which have been accepted.