The New Story Festival is committed to being good for the earth, for the people who attend and participate, and for those who share in its ownership. We seek the common good, we prioritize historically marginalized voices (women, people of color, indigenous people, immigrants, LGBTQ+ people, and those of differing abilities), and are committed to ecologically sustainable, fair trade, and living wage and/or fair exchange policies for contractors, employees and volunteers.

A Note about Spirituality

We are trying to do something different with this festival: instead of either over- emphasizing or avoiding religion, we freely own that we are energized by the progressive Christian tradition, and thus seek to be spiritually inclusive. This means that the core vision of the festival is centered on embodying the idea that there is no higher calling than love of life, neighbor, and self. We invite participation from all who resonate with this, from any religious tradition (or none at all). We mean it: whatever your tradition, we want you to be welcome here.

We experience spirituality as our lived relationship with mystery and meaning, and are nurtured by various spiritual practices. We believe that attention to the spiritual journey, both inward and in community, is vital, literally life-giving.

We are inviting support from spiritual leaders as we take further steps on this journey. We invite you to deepen your own spiritual practices, or to begin new ones as part of your participation in the festival.

Thank you for your open heart and loving action.