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A major, three-day outdoor event near downtown Austin, Fall of 2018.

A bold experiment in community, creativity, and the common good, embodying imagination, spirituality, social justice, playfulness, and love.

Featuring nationally-known speakers and high-profile music acts.

Amplifying the good work already being done by activists, artists, religious, communities, non-profits, & others in Central Texas and beyond.

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Ways to Partner with the Festival


As a new event, our biggest need is help getting the word out and encouraging people to attend.  We invite all our organizational partners not only to let their constituents know that the festival is happening, but to enthusiastically and repeatedly promote it through your own communication channels as an event your organization is helping to nurture and in which your community has a stake. There is an enormous difference between “This thing is happening, you should maybe think about going,” and “We are joining with others to help co-create this festival, you won’t want to miss it!”

Scholarships & Hospitality

Help us ensure the festival welcomes people of all economic means by contributing to a scholarship fund for any for whom the full ticket price would be a barrier to their attendance. You can also help us recruit local families that would be willing to offer a free place to sleep to out-of-town festival goers who may not be able to afford local accommodations. This will also help reduce our festival expenses by enabling us to offer free accommodations to our out-of-town speakers, musicians, and presenters.


As we get closer to the event, there will be increasing need for volunteers as well as in-kind donations of equipment or professional services: e.g. exhibitor tents, tables & chairs, lighting, AV equipment, radios, signs and printing, site decoration, etc., as well as people with expertise in running concerts/events, marketing/promotion, city permits, graphic design, web design, and more.


We welcome proposals for speakers, artists, practitioners, and performers that any of our partners would like to bring in (at your expense). We want to know which presenters and performers would most resonate with and help to draw your community to the festival. If your proposal is selected, we would ask your organization to cover any associated costs (travel, accommodation, honorarium, etc.).


We want the festival to help you get the word out about your own work and provide sponsorship opportunities for various levels of marketing options. Sponsorships begin at $500 and promotional opportunities include exhibitor tables/booths, program ads, literature distribution to festival goers, books/merchandise made available in the onsite store, promotions to our email list, stage and venue banners, promotional spots on the mainstage, and more. Let us know if you have ideas for other kinds of promotions that would be valuable to your organization.


Help us expand this circle by putting us in touch with any other leaders and organizations, local or nationwide, that you think would be interested in partnering with the festival as well. Especially helpful are any individuals and organizations with whom you have a direct connection and to which you could make a personal introduction on our behalf.

Ethical Commitment

We are committed to this festival being good for the earth, for the people who attend and participate, and for those who share in its ownership. We seek the common good, we prioritize historically marginalized voices (women, people of color, indigenous peoples, immigrants, and LGBTQ+ people), and are committed to ecologically sustainable, fair trade, and living wage and/or fair exchange policies for contractors, employees and volunteers.