Pay from the heart pricing  

Full Weekend Passes available from $99 and Up!

Since we want the New Story to be accessible to all, there are THREE ticket prices for the festival. We ask everyone to choose a price-level based on the resources you have available, the benefit you feel you'll receive from this unique gathering, and your desire to support the work of community, creativity, and the common good. For transparency: it is costing well over $100,000 to host the festival, and lots of people have been working for more than a year to make it possible.

Standard registration for a weekend pass is $249. Please register at this level if you are able.

We know that not everyone can afford $249 for a full weekend event. If that applies to you, please opt-in at a pay-from-the-heart price either of $179 or $99, depending on the resources you have available.

The New Story is about exuberant generosity, so we also ask everyone who can to consider giving more to enable others to attend. When checking out, please consider adding an extra $10, $50, $100, or more to help those who have to pay less. This will enable the festival to cover our costs so we can continue and grow in future years.

One more thing: We will never turn anyone away based on need, so if $99 is still beyond your budget, you can earn a free ticket by volunteering to help behind-the-scenes before or during the festival.*

CLICK HERE TO register for 3-day passes at any of the following levels:



  • Full weekend adult registration - $249

  • Students - $70

  • Youth (Ages 13-18) - $20

  • Child (Ages 0-12) - Free


  • $179 - Full weekend adult registration


  • $99 - Full weekend adult registration

Can’t come for the whole weekend? Day Passes are also available!

Day Passes

 Bring your friends and save money!

Group Discounts

 *We won’t turn anyone away, period, so if even volunteer hours are also beyond your ability to contribute, please email us at to work out other accommodations, up to and including a free pass.

Ethical Commitment

The New Story Festival is committed to being good for the earth, for the people who attend and participate, and for those who share in its ownership. We seek the common good, we prioritize historically marginalized voices (women, people of color, indigenous peoples, immigrants, LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities), and are committed to ecologically sustainable, fair trade, and living wage and/or fair exchange policies for contractors, employees and volunteers.