HEALING ARTS Policies and Information

Please read the policies and information before submitting your application.



The New Story Festival is a fantastic opportunity to get your work in front of a highly engaged audience with an intrinsic interest in what you do! We are eager to develop a mutually rewarding relationship with practitioners in the healing arts (e.g. massage, Reiki, acupuncture, nutrition counseling, spiritual direction, life coaching, etc.) that will make your services available to our festival-goers while at the same time expose more people to your business and help you generate new clients. We are expecting between 1000-2000 attendees at the New Story Festival in September and are confident that the New Story Festival presents ample opportunity for you to connect with our audience (though, of course, we cannot guarantee any particular results from your participation).

All healing arts practitioners wishing to contribute to the New Story Festival and that are in alignment with our ethical commitments  are encouraged to apply.


Healing artists are asked to donate 4-6 hours of complimentary services for our attendees during the festival, broken up into whatever blocks of time you deem most effective. 

In exchange, we offer the following:

  • One free festival pass

  • Your logo and link on our website 

  • A free, full-color, quarter-page ad in our 80-page souvenir program.

  • A unique promo code that will give your friends/followers 10% off when they register AND pay you 10% commission on every ticket sold with that code

  • Free outdoor exhibitor space 

Healing artists have the option of providing their own 10x10 pop-up canopy (or renting one from the festival for $100) to use as their own private exhibitor and practice space  throughout the weekend. (The festival will provide a 6’ or 8’ table and one chair.) Alternatively, you may also opt to share tent space with other artists of similar modalities. If sharing space, our Healing Arts Coordinator will arrange for you and the other artists to use the space in shifts. Any signage promoting your business will only be able to be left up during your shifts, though you may leave literature at the table and opt to stay with the booth to connect with attendees as you so desire, insofar as it doesn’t interfere with other practitioner’s work.


ALL healing artists will have their logo and clickable link listed in the Festival Partners section of our website, and your logo included in our souvenir print program! We ask all of our healing arts practitioners to similarly promote the festival through your own social media channels as often and enthusiastically as possible. With the use of your unique promoter code, which you will have the opportunity to claim once your application is accepted, you have the potential to earn hundreds of dollars simply by helping us get the word out!

If you wish to access even more promotional benefits for your business, higher levels of cash sponsorship are available. Details are available in our Sponsorship Opportunities Guide  or contact sponsors@newstoryfestival.com for more information.

Note: For the purposes of the policies below, healing arts practitioners are considered “exhibitors.”

Space & Schedule

Booth fixtures must not obstruct walkways or entry to other booths. Each exhibitor must keep their site clean with all debris removed, and all trash and recycling placed in trash receptacles and recycling bins. Free wifi is available on campus and electric hookups can be provided, if needed, at no additional charge. (Please note, that the festival runs until several hours after sunset each evening, and you will need to supply your own lighting if you wish to continue staffing your booth after dusk.) Once spots have been designated, there can be no switching without the permission of the Healing Arts Coordinator (healingarts.newstory@gmail.com).


Setup will occur on Friday, September 25, 2020, from Noon to 4pm. Any site that is not occupied by 3:00 pm on Friday, September 25, 2020, is considered forfeited and the Festival may use it for any other purpose. If you need to arrive after this time, you must make arrangements at least 48 hours in advance with the Healing Arts Coordinator.

You may bring your vehicle onto campus via the Chicon St entrance to unload. However, once items for your booth/table are unloaded to your space, you will need to move all vehicles to the general parking lots on the corners of 8th St and Chalmers Ave.


The festival is open during the following hours:

  • 4-9 PM on Friday, September 25

  • 10 AM-9 PM on Saturday, September 26

  • 9 AM- 2 PM on Sunday, September 27 

While we encourage exhibitors to staff their booth throughout the entire festival, you are free to come and go as you choose, and leave your booth unattended if you so desire. The Festival is not responsible for any loss that may occur due to unattended booths.


We ask that exhibitors stay until the close of our main stage program at 2:00 pm on Sunday, September 27. Breakdown will begin immediately after closing ceremonies. Exhibitors must be off site by 5pm on Sunday, September 27. Any items left behind at that point will become Festival property.


While the Festival site at Huston-Tillotson University is relatively secure (and guarded overnight), each exhibitor has full responsibility for the security of their property and booth contents and fixtures at all times. 


In the case of inclement weather, we will do our best to move exhibitors into indoor table spaces for as long as necessary, though this is subject to availability and we cannot guarantee that spaces will be found for all exhibitors.

If Festival staff should elect not to or are prevented from hosting the Festival or cannot permit the exhibitor to occupy a space due to circumstances beyond the Festival or exhibitor’s control, including but not limited to Acts of God, the Festival will notify the exhibitor of any changes as soon as we are able and refund to the Exhibitor the amount of any rental paid. Should such occurrences happen during the Festival, the Exhibitor will receive a pro-rated refund. After refund, the Festival shall have no other obligation or liability to the Exhibitor.



Healing Artists may NOT charge for services that they are offering for free to festival goers, even outside of their donated hours, while on festival grounds. Exhibitors may not sell food or beverages of any kind, including alcohol or other controlled substances. Exhibitors may sell non-food/beverage items, and may give away free items, but food and drink give-aways may only be small samples, not whole items. Any items sold or distributed must be in keeping with the values of the New Story Festival and may not promote hate or violence to individuals or groups. We reserve the right to ask any exhibitor not to display or distribute certain items, take certain actions, or speak in certain ways that we consider not to be consistent with the values of the New Story Festival. If an exhibitor chooses not to comply with any such request, the Festival may ask you to leave the premises without refunding your booth and/or table fees.


Each exhibitor also has full responsibility for the safety and conduct of themselves and their workers and the festival attendees affected by their interactions while at the festival. During the application process, all exhibitors will be required to sign a waiver accepting full responsibility for all such risk and releasing New Story Festival from responsibility.

All exhibitors are encouraged (but not required) to obtain Special Event insurance naming New Story Festival, LLC as the co-insured. However, ANY exhibitors who are providing samples intended for bodily consumption or application (e.g. food/drink samples, oils, scents, etc.) or providing services that involve touching festival attendees (e.g. massage, acupuncture, etc.), WILL BE required to provide proof of liability insurance naming New Story Festival, LLC as co-insured.


All applicable taxes are the responsibility of the exhibitor. All exhibitors selling products or services must display their Sales and Use Tax Permit in the manner required by Texas law and must provide the Festival with their 11-digit Texas State Sales and Use Tax ID during the application process.


Festival staff shall have full power in the interpretation and enforcement of all policies described herein and may make additional policies as necessary for the proper conduct of the Festival. You must accept all of the above policies in order to submit an application.


Anyone interested in offering healing arts services at the 2020 New Story Festival must complete a Healing Arts Application. Once your application is accepted, information regarding payment of fees (if applicable) will be emailed to you. The deadline for submitting an application is September 1, 2020.

If you have any questions please email our Healing Arts Coordinator, Maida Ference, at healingarts.newstory@gmail.com.