Donate your air miles, hotel rewards and gift cards to the New Story Festival!

Donating air miles, hotel reward points, unused gift cards, or needed equipment is a great way to help the New Story Festival get off the ground and keep our expenses (and ticket-prices!) low. We will use them to help bring amazing festival speakers, performers, and organizers to Austin to make the total experience better for all of us. Let us know now if you can help! (Click here to donate.)

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Here's how it works: 

If you have enough miles or points to purchase a one-way ticket or a one night hotel stay for a New Story speaker or organizer, let us know! If you have enough for a return ticket or a multi-night stay even better! New Story Festival is also interested in your old gift cards that we can use toward other festival related expenses. 

The small print: 

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Sometimes (though not always) transferring miles and rewards points between people can be tricky or have a cost associated. If you have points or miles you can share, but that are not transferable, we may need your help in booking travel and accommodation on behalf of speakers. If so, someone from the New Story Festival will be in touch about how to proceed. Don't worry: we'd be the travel agent, not you! If we need your help to book, we'd work with you on a conference call and we pledge to take no more  than 30 minutes of your time. 

Click Here to Donate Your Miles, Hotel Rewards, and/or Gift Cards

lend us your equipment too!

We also have need of equipment of all sorts to run the festival - from AV equipment, to small exhibitor tents, to golf-carts, radios, and more. If you, your church, or your business are local to Austin have equipment you would be willing to lend to the festival for a weekend, please let us know! (You will need to arrange for on-site drop-off and pick-up.) Click here to let us know what you have that we might be able to use.

Thank you for your generosity!