Keep Austin Compassionate

Hey Austin!

Let’s keep Austin compassionate, because just being weird isn’t good enough. 

In today’s world there is enough negativity going around. You want to focus on the good, right?

Join with other Austinites and pledge to help our city become a better, more welcoming, more compassionate community.

By taking the Keep Austin Compassionate Pledge you commit to:

  • Restore compassion to the center of both personal and public life by cultivating an informed empathy with the suffering of all human beings – even those regarded as enemies; 

  • Refrain from deliberately inflicting harm on others, acting or speaking violently out of spite or self-interest, impoverishing, exploiting or denying basic rights to anybody, or inciting hatred by denigrating others;

  • Consciously treat everyone, without exception, with justice, dignity, and respect;

  • Work tirelessly to alleviate suffering by practicing “3D Compassion” – caring for Others, Self, and the Earth.


I pledge:

  • To cultivate empathy and compassion for all

  • To refrain from deliberately inflicting harm on others

  • To consciously treat everyone with justice, dignity, and respect

  • To engage in compassionate action on behalf of Others, Self, and the Earth

I pledge to keep Austin compassionate, because what happens in Austin changes the world. 

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The Keep Austin Compassionate Pledge is sponsored by Compassionate Austin (endorsed by the Austin City Council’s 2016 Compassionate Austin Resolution) and its signature event, the New Story Festival, in connection with the global Charter for Compassion movement. By signing the Keep Austin Compassionate Pledge, you affirm the Charter for Compassion statement and agree to share your information with Compassionate Austin, the New Story Festival, and the Charter for Compassion.