Participate in the first-ever

Central Texas Offers & Needs Market

The New Story Festival, in partnership with the Compassionate Austin Co-op, will be hosting the first-ever Offers and Needs Market for the Central Texas area. Area organizations - non-profits, businesses, schools, faith communities, social action/advocacy groups, artist collectives, and other community groups - are invited to to participate in this one-of-a-kind opportunity to build concrete, practical connections and collaboration with other like-minded groups. Invited organizations (and ALL Compassionate Austin Co-op Member organizations) will be offered one free 3-day pass for their representative to attend and participate in the market. Click here to join the Compassionate Austin Co-op.

It’s not just local organizations who can participate. Any and all festival attendees, whether representing an organization or simply as a private individual, are welcome to join in the process.

What is an Offers & Needs Market?

Developed by the Post Growth Institute, an Offers & Needs Market is a 90-minute process where participants come together to identify and exchange their passions, knowledge, skills, resources, and needs. Combining community asset-mapping with sharing-economy principles, the Offers & Needs Market has the potential to enhance your own work exponentially!

Whether for free, barter, or a set rate, participants might offer and/or need things such as:

  • Various kinds of professional skills or services

  • Meeting space

  • Tools, vehicles, etc.

  • Food/Drinks

  • Volunteers

  • Consulting in various areas of expertise

  • Or whatever else they need or might have to offer!

There will be a brief informational meeting about the O&N Market process on the Friday evening of the festival (March 29), a booth hosted by Compassionate Austin for brainstorming offers and needs throughout the weekend, and then the 90-minute Offers & Needs Market guided process on the Sunday afternoon of the festival (March 31).

How do we participate?


Local Organizations: join the Compassionate Austin Co-op and then send a representative to attend the festival with the free 3-day pass that will be emailed to you once you fill out this membership request form.

Individuals: Private individuals who join the Compassionate Austin Co-op also receive either a free 1-day Sunday pass to attend the 90-minute O&N Market process, or (if they prefer) a code for 30% off their 3-day festival pass. Simply fill out this membership request form.

The Market is not just for Co-op members however; ANY and ALL festival attendees are invited to attend. Click here to purchase your festival pass.