Participate in the first-ever

Central Texas Offers & Needs Market

Watch the first ever Austin-area Offers & Needs Market in action! Held at the inaugural New Story Festival in March 2019.

The New Story Festival, in partnership with the Compassionate Austin Co-op, hosted the first-ever Offers and Needs Market for the Central Texas area at our inaugural festival in March 2019. Area organizations - non-profits, businesses, schools, faith communities, social action/advocacy groups, artist collectives, and other community groups - participated in this one-of-a-kind opportunity to build concrete, practical connections and collaboration with other like-minded groups.

Compassionate Austin continues to host occasional Offers & Needs Markets throughout the year, including at the next New Story Festival, being held September 25-27, 2020 at Huston-Tillotson University. ALL Compassionate Austin Co-op Members will be offered one free Sunday festival pass to attend and participate in that market. Click here to join the Compassionate Austin Co-op.

The Market isn’t limited only to Co-op Members however. Any and all festival attendees, whether representing an organization or simply as a private individual, are welcome to join in the process.

What is an Offers & Needs Market?

Developed by the Post Growth Institute, an Offers & Needs Market is a 90-minute process where participants come together to identify and exchange their passions, knowledge, skills, resources, and needs. Combining community asset-mapping with sharing-economy principles, the Offers & Needs Market has the potential to enhance your own work exponentially!

Whether for free, barter, or a set rate, participants might offer and/or need things such as:

  • Various kinds of professional skills or services

  • Meeting space

  • Tools, vehicles, etc.

  • Food/Drinks

  • Volunteers

  • Consulting in various areas of expertise

  • Or whatever else they need or might have to offer!

Visit the Compassionate Austin exhibitor booth during the festival for more details and to being brainstorming offers and needs ahead of the 90-minute Offers & Needs Market guided process from 2:30-4pm on the Sunday afternoon of the festival (Sept 27, 2020).

How do we participate?


Local Organizations: join the Compassionate Austin Co-op by filling out this membership request form.

Individuals: join the Compassionate Austin Co-op by filling out this membership request form.

You will then be notified via email about upcoming Offers & Needs Markets happening around the Austin area. You will also be given the opportunity to claim either a free Sunday pass for the New Story Festival or 20% off your entire weekend pass, enabling you to attend the O&N Market that will be held on Sunday afternoon following the closing festival mainstage session.

The Market is not just for Co-op members however; ANY and ALL festival attendees are invited to attend. Sign-up here to be notified as soon as 2020 Festival Tickets go on sale!