Festival Schedule

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  • Healing Arts: Sign-up for free services from practitioners of various healing arts. Services offered include spiritual direction, coaching, Reiki, massage, and acupuncture.

  • Oral History Project with HBCU Truth & Reconciliation: They will be recording oral history interviews throughout the weekend about experiences of racial discrimination of loved ones of color of African American and Latino/a origin.

  • Mere Objects with Tamisha Tyler: Mere Objects is a participatory art project designed to honor and empower people who have experienced sexual violence, and to increase awareness of sexual violence within our communities. It was launched in October 2016 by artist and educator Sarah Jane, in collaboration with an advisory group of survivors of sexual violence.T he project is open to individuals of all genders who have experienced any form of sexual violence.

  • Dreamer’s Tabernacle with Carolina Trevino, Monica Tornoe, Martha Lynn Coon: Engage in reflective or prayerful practice as you come and go during the day. In the Dreamer’s Tabernacle, we invite elements of our mystical and historical past to inform this new space of gathering, meaning making, and desire for healing of old and recurring wounds.