Information for New Story Sponsors

Thanks, and welcome to the partnership. We’re grateful that you’ve chosen to support the Festival. Here are some links and connections that we hope that you’ll find helpful.

If you have ANY overall questions or concerns, your first stop for those is our Sponsor Coordinator, Stuart Scadron-Wattles,, 425.205.3866

Below you will find details for the fulfillment of the specifics items of your sponsorship. The first page of your contract will specify which of the following apply.



Once your contract is executed, you should receive an invoice from us  via email, at whichever contact email you gave us. If you would prefer to use another contact email, or have any questions, your contact information is below.

NSF Contact:

Festival Tickets & VIP Reception

You’ll receive a special promo code directly from Stuart via the email address above to book your complimentary ticket allotment. Invitations to the VIP Reception will be emailed two weeks before the festival.

NSF Contact: Stuart Scadron-Wattles,

Exhibitor or Vendor Booth

Deadline Date: March 22

Please fill out this form to reserve your exhibitor or (non-food) vendor booth. More information for exhibitors/vendors can be found at

If you will be selling food at your booth, please fill out our Food/Drink Vendor Form. More information for Food/Drink Vendors can be found at

If you have further concerns, please contact us directly at

NSF Contact: Jennifer Bailey

Cross-Promotion: Logo/Link on NSF Website & Social Media Promo

Please email your logo and link information to the contact below. We will send you the same, along with an information kit for cross-promotion purposes.

NSF Contact: Jacob Ratliff,

Brand/Product Promotion via NSF Email Newsletter

NSF Contact: Jacob Ratliff,

Please send ad copy and/or images (including links) to the email address above. Please specify whether you would prefer that the promotion be sent prior to or following the Festival weekend. Unless your sponsorship package includes a dedicated email blast (i.e. the entire email dedicated to just your promotion), your ad copy should be no more than 150-250 words.

Festival Program Ad

Deadline Date: March 3

Ad Dimensions:

  • Quarter Page Vertical: 3”x5” 900x1500 pixels

  • Half Page Horizontal: 7”x5” 1800x1286 pixels

  • Half Page Vertical: 3.5”x10” 1050x3000 pixels

  • Full Page: 7”x10” 2100x3000 pixels

All images must be high resolution (300 dpi or higher). Acceptable formats include PDF, JPG, or PNG. All fonts must be embedded.

Please email ads to Large files can be uploaded and shared via Google Drive.

NSF Contact: Mike Clawson,

Placement of Product in Festival Bookstore

Deadline Date - Commercially Distributed Books: - February 15

If your product is/are a commercially distributed book/s, please provide the title, author, publisher/ISBN to the above email address. Book People (Austin) is creating an on-site bookstore for the Festival, and will include your title(s).

Deadline Date - Other Products: Notified - March 15; Shipped - March 22 OR Delivered In-Person - March 29

If your product is NOT a commercially distributed book, our volunteers will sell it in the bookstore for you, and we will remit the proceeds less credit card charges, along with a sales statement, post-Festival, during the first week of April. You are responsible for providing the stock to the site, and removing stock at the end of the Festival. Please email and let us know the name, quantity, and price of the item(s) you want placed by March 15. Ship item you wish to sell to:
New Story Festival, ℅ Mike Clawson, 2607 Redleaf Ln, Austin, TX 78745

Shipped items must be received by March 22. You may also bring your items directly to the festival. These must be received at the on-site bookstore by 3pm, Friday, March 29.

NSF Contact: Mike Clawson,

Placement of Item in Festival Swag bag

Deadline Date: Shipped - March 22; Delivered In-Person - March 29

Please ship 1,000 copies of the item you wish to include to: New Story Festival, ℅ Mike Clawson, 2607 Redleaf Ln, Austin, TX 78745

You may also bring your items directly to the festival. Must be received at the registration table by 2pm, Friday, March 29.

NSF Contact: Mike Clawson,

Your Banner on a Festival Venue

Deadline Date: March 22

Email Festival Coordinator Mike Clawson to discuss banner size and placement.

NSF Contact: Mike Clawson,

Festival Program Session featuring your organization

Deadline Date: March 8

Please email our Creative Director, Gareth Higgins,, about your desired program contribution. Once approved, please fill out this Program Contribution form to supply us with the details for inclusion in the online and print program booklet.

NSF Connection: Gareth Higgins,