3-Day passes get you access to all programming, throughout the entire festival.  Day passes are also available.

We want this event to be accessible to all, regardless of income level, so we offer a sliding scale based on your ability to contribute to the financial needs of the festival. Standard Registration for all three days is $249, but if that price is prohibitive to you, you may choose a Community Fellow option between $179 - $229. Alternatively, if have more means at your disposal and would like to help make the festival more accessible to others, you may choose a Community Benefactor option between $299 - $399.  Please opt in at the level that works best for your budget. This will enable us to co-create a festival full of life and ideas, an economically diverse community, with extraordinary ideas, groundbreaking action for the common good, and fun!

We really mean it - we really want you to pay what you can afford, whatever that may be. If money is tight, please pay less- we know most everyone would like to contribute more if they could. If you are able to pay more, please do so - you will help fund the festival and enable people on a smaller budget to attend. 

One more thing: We will never turn anyone away based on need, so if the minimum price is still beyond your budget, we also offer volunteer work exchange opportunities. Twelve volunteer hours, before or during the festival, will earn you a free ticket. (Out-of-town volunteers also gain priority access to our free "couch-surfing" housing options if needed.) Click here to find out more about volunteering. 


For Weekend Passes, Please register at any of the following levels:

Standard Registration - $249


Community Benefactor, Level 1 - $299

Community Benefactor, Level 2 - $349

Community Benefactor, Level 3 - $399


Community Fellow, Level 1 - $179

Community Fellow, Level 2 - $199

Community Fellow, Level 3 - $229


Youth (Ages 15-18) - $99

Child (Ages 0-14) - Free

Click Here to Order Your 3-Day Weekend Pass at any of the levels above


Day Passes

Friday Only - $59 --- Click Here to Order

Saturday Only - $99 --- Click Here to Order

Sunday Only - $99 --- Click Here to Order


Group Discounts

20% discount on each ticket when registering 3 or more people at one time.* Click here to order group 3-Day passes

25% discount on each ticket when registering 10 or more people at one time.** Click here to order 10 or more 3-Day passes

* Not available on Community Fellow Level 1 tickets.

** Discount available only for Standard price tickets.


Ethical Commitment

The New Story Festival is committed to being good for the earth, for the people who attend and participate, and for those who share in its ownership. We seek the common good, we prioritize historically marginalized voices (women, people of color, indigenous peoples, immigrants, LGBTQ+, and the differently abled), and are committed to ecologically sustainable, fair trade, and living wage and/or fair exchange policies for contractors, employees and volunteers.