What Will the New Story Festival Be Like?

People ask us, "What will the New Story Festival be like?" The most honest answer to that is: We don't know -- it hasn't happened yet! But on the basis of previous experiences with festivals, community, and the magic of a new story, one of our friends tells us this:

"The folks behind the New Story Festival show us what the renaissance of this new century holds in store. From their previous events, experiencing story after story revealing a fierce and tender love for humankind, I found myself filled with more hope about the age we live in than I've felt in a long time. A new kind of story is possible, one that leaves the myth of redemptive violence at the door, and one that gives voice to the transcendent power of love. This kind of story is new; an evolutionary leap. If we are ready to take it together, everything changes. A new consciousness beckons as dramatic as the leap from fish to the first flopping creature to walk on earth." -Pana Columbus, Asheville, NC

We think Pana is both very kind, and onto something :)

Register now for the New Story Festival -- three days next March, of spirituality, imagination, and the common good -- or sample what we're offering at the one day New Story Experience this November.

We can't promise exactly what will happen, but we can pretty much guarantee some good surprises!